Kauri, Agathis Australis in Latin, is an indigenous native timber of New Zealand. A pre-historic plant first existed over 130-195 million years ago, once co-existed with dinosaurs during the Jurassic Era. With traits of a pre-historic plant, it is well-known for its gigantic size and unparalleled beauty. Living Kauri is now under protection by the New Zealand government.

Ancient Swamp Kauri (A. S. K.)

Also known as Swamp Kauri, in general is referring to Swamp Kauri that has been submerged underground by unexplained cataclysms since the last Ice Age, approximately around 50,000 years ago. These hidden gems of nature had been perfectly preserved under a concealed environment under swamp. Time and cost consuming excavation performed by highly experienced professionals are required before the revival of this beautiful timber made possible.




Ancient Kauri available at Hobat Resources (H.K.)

Ancient Swamp Kauri    

Exotic shimmering Kauri

A.S.K. concept is a subsidiary of Hobat Resources. ASK is the abbreviation for Ancient Swamp Kauri. We take pride in designing high-end contemporary furniture with focus on Ancient Swamp Kauri for our clients. Besides, we also provide interior design services in the hospitality sector as well as accessories line of our own. ASK concept products are examples of perfect marriage between the most ancient timber and contemporary ideas.

A portion of every purchase made to ASK concept will be used for charitable planting purpose in New Zealand.


ASK 4 More

We offer a custom-tailored line called ASK 4 More with emphasis using Ancient Swamp Kauri in contemporary forms. Our designer team’s specialty is to turn our client s’ dreams into reality, allowing our clients to be indulged in this hidden gem provided by nature with personal touch.




Ancient Kauri available at Hobat Resources (H.K.)


Traits of Ancient Swamp Kauri

Oldest Timber: Over 50,000 years in general, reviving hidden gem of nature back into life again
Gigantic Size: Size does matter, allowing designers’ idea to take flight
Active Grain: Shimmering iridescence, a still picture cannot fully reveal its unparalleled beauty, something has to see to believe it!
Positioning: Rare and exotic timber for the selected few

Team of Designers

Our team of ASK concept designers include seasoned architects and interior designers from around the world with expertise in luxurious residential, hospitality, commercials as well as product design sector.